I can honestly say that 2019 was a year of learning, New lessons, and
many adjustments mentally and musically..

We’ve made such great moves in 2019. Besides the BIG MOVE to our own Rehearsal Studio and extra gigs at Temple Bar, we began a Supreme Saturday gig night. Just us, no Open Jam.
The first time we did it, we were prepared but still a bit nervous. We had the musical material but now we are dealing with a different energy and clientele on a Saturday night. We are happy to say that all went well. We continued Supreme Saturdays once a month and will continue it into 2020.

Our Open Jams have been really exciting, surprising and memorable. They’ve been filled with many Jammers as well as our regular Players. Many popular musicians like Alexey Baev, Dennis Wise of the group Insammer of Stockholm and John Fredrick Young from the band Black Stone Cherry from Kentucky have graced our stage and performed with us during the Jams. We’ve had James Bradley Jr sit in as our Guest Drummer. April Henry came by with friends and showed off her vocal talents at our Open Jam!

Germaine did a Podcast with 2Guys3Crowns about the band, LIVE from Temple Bar while we played on stage. The episode is called, “What in Jamnation!” It’s Episode no# 5 on their Podcast. It was a great experience and great exposure to other audiences.

With all this going on, we had a delay in our studio recording at JAM. Everyone had to step up and get things back in order. We were NOT going into 2020 with the work we wanted to finish in 2019. We worked down to the wire and got it done.

We are still on our Christmas holiday break. However, we can never really rest when we are so engulfed in our musical relationship. We continue to write new music, prepare for some upcoming private events in 2020 as well as update, improve and finesse our Social content. We strive to develop ourselves musically and professionally, and to create concrete objectives to reach for in 2020.

The JamNation Band have some really ambitious goals for 2020. Our basic plan is to spread our music to as many platforms and stages as we possibly can.

We would especially like to thank EVERYONE this past year for your love, encouragement, support, energy, hugs, confidence, and your genuine kindness.

In this year end we want to include some pics we had from 2019.
We Appreciate you and will continue to give you joy, more music, energy and creative vibrations!


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