The Journey pt.1 has begun!

Our EP is OUT! Let’s do this!

April 10th 2020/ 4.10.20 we released our first EP to the WORLD!
We are HAPPY to have this come out finally. This is only the beginning.
We are so glad to be able to get our original music out there to public ears.

In the middle of COVID-19, we did not feel the need to wait or stop. In fact, we felt that music was needed even more now than ever before.

Excerpt from our song, “HAPPY 2.0”
Excerpt from our song, “Universe”.

We are not slowing down. Even in this new world of Social Distancing, we are still recording more songs but we are being careful.
If this is your first time, here, please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.
So please take your moment and check us out on your favourite Music platform!

Google Play Music, Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio and so many more!
We are ALL OVER!

Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU for your patience and encouragement.
Enjoy our songs! More to come!

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