Summer, Music in the time of corona 2020

The first half of this year has been unlike ANYTHING you could ever imagine.

The band has been existing in a bit of stress. With many bars, clubs and restaurants on safety guidelines due to Covid-19, we have not performed since March 9th.
Of course we all have gone through our own personal changes, frustrations, and emotional turmoils due to the virus but our dedication to music is still and always will be strong.
We began using this time to complete the rest of our song recordings and write more songs. The latter is something we are happy to concentrate on. It gives us a chance to expand our repetoire and keep our creative juices flowing.

We decided to have a Bunker Gig and feature our dear friend and talented Rapper DunderDan. We’ve performed together before with his group Superkrafter and this time we featured a few of his solo works with our JNB Flair. This was something we intended to do at our Temple Bar gig but due to the restrictions we decided to create our own LIVE recorded gig in our rehearsal room.
We really enjoyed the music and fun we had with DunderDan as well as performing songs we have released on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music and all other Music Platforms.
We hope to have a small gig some time in the future. At this time, we wait and create. Our opportunites are only delayed until we find a way.
We WILL find a way.
Be our Guest and enjoy our JNB Bunker Music video on YouTube on our channel.

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