Work has begun in 2021

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”

We enter 2021 with a whole new glow and drive. Vaccinations have begun but we are continuing out safety restrictions. Social Distancing, masks and common sense.

The 2nd half of 2020 had a few good sparks. We were able to set up Private gigs at Kulturhuset Q in Bergshamra/Solna. We had a great time but were still being careful. Ultimately, those were our last Covid Gigs. Tighter restrictions were implemented limiting the gathering numbers so we settled down for the long wait.

While we waited, we made moves. The Release of our Music Video ‘Universe‘ was a great feeling.
A TwisterFilm Production, Director Francesco Valentino took it on. It ended up catching the eye of ScandinavianSoul writer Andy Collins who wrote an article on the song and its premise. Given the climate of the times he recognized that our song called for Awareness, Attention and Unity.

The JamNation Band performing “UNIVERSE” Live at StockholmsGroov

Our next big launch came on Election Day 2020. One of SVT Nyheter Foreign Reporters’ contacted Germaine and asked for her to appear on their Election Watch and that our song, “Universe” would be shown during the interview due to its message.

All through 2020 we worked on keeping ourselves relevant and in sight. We worried that we would be forgotten. Our friends, our Fans and our community kept us alive and relevant with their support and love, and that continues into 2021 with our own changes in the band.
We gotta make moves all the time to keep our flow. Back into the recording room we go!
Covid can’t stop the music!

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