We took April by the Easter eggs!

We have been moving and shaking these last several weeks and all for the love of our music. Make no mistake Covid-19 set us back as it has many musicians and performers.
This “Act of Nature” was a curse and a blessing.

It takes lots of soul searching and defining moments to know where you stand and how you will proceed.

After lots of personal struggles, loss and re-evaluation our decision was to ‘Keep it Moving’. No reason to keep looking back because we are not going that way.

Sometimes things don’t get done because they aren’t suppose to happen at that point and . no matter how much planning you do, things don’t happen as you anticipated..
It takes change. The situation has to be right. There has to be balance and cohesiveness for things to flow.
We lost some of that flow last year, and as hard as we tried to work it out, we realized that it was time to let things go and move forward. Once we did that, all of our work fell into place. The BEST feeling is to know that you have a team of musicians and friends you can work with, and you’re in alignment with your music mission. To create, have fun, be progressive, to communicate, work together and laugh through it all.

Our new addition is Mikael Norén. A talented pianist and keyboardist. Listening to him play is mesmerizing. His improvisation is classic. Check him out in the previous Blog. We appreciate his input, humor, and experience to the group!

Our recording sessions have been MAGIC! We have accomplished a lot in our sessions in the last 2 months than we ever did before. We are preparing to release our 2nd EP and soon a 3rd. We are so happy to be making this progress in spite of Covid.19.
This has been an enlightening time for the band and we hope the future brings us back to the stage to perform soon!

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