We are not NEW to this. We are TRUE to this!

Group Photo by: Veronica Nielsen

We are deep in to 2022 and things have CHANGED!

By the end of January, Covid restrictions lifted and everyone slowly began to transition to a more regular life style. ‘Normal’ is not normal anymore.

We were feeling better and prepared for new, break out gigs at our usual spot.
Unfortunately, Temple Bar decided to take Live Music OUT of their establishment and converted the stage into booths. We were really caught by surprise after being their house band for over 5 years and then discovering this by chance. We were pretty disappointed in them.

So, now we are keeping it moving. We are getting our music aligned. We have finished our 3rd EP and are in hustle mode to have a successful Release Event plus playing LIVE again for our wonderful Music Lovers out there.
So far, we have performed a couple of outside parties that have been a lot of fun and are aiming to do more for the public, friends and fam!

We will have a Release Date soon. Meanwhile, check out and follow our Instagram and Facebook sites for a few peak-a-boo moments. This ain’t a ComeBack!

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