Work has begun in 2021

“What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”

We enter 2021 with a whole new glow and drive. Vaccinations have begun but we are continuing out safety restrictions. Social Distancing, masks and common sense.

The 2nd half of 2020 had a few good sparks. We were able to set up Private gigs at Kulturhuset Q in Bergshamra/Solna. We had a great time but were still being careful. Ultimately, those were our last Covid Gigs. Tighter restrictions were implemented limiting the gathering numbers so we settled down for the long wait.

The JamNation band Drum & Bass Covid Jam

While we waited, we made moves. The Release of our Music Video ‘Universe‘ was a great feeling.
A TwisterFilm Production, Director Francesco Valentino took it on. It ended up catching the eye of ScandinavianSoul writer Andy Collins who wrote an article on the song and its premise. Given the climate of the times he recognized that our song called for Awareness, Attention and Unity.

Our next big launch came on Election Day 2020. One of SVT Nyheter Foreign Reporters’ contacted Germaine and asked for her to appear on their Election Watch and that our song, “Universe” would be shown during the interview due to its message.

All through 2020 we worked on keeping ourselves relevant and in sight. We worried that we would be forgotten. Our friends, our Fans and our community kept us alive and relevant with their support and love, and that continues into 2021 with our own changes in the band.
We gotta make moves all the time to keep our flow. Back into the recording room we go!
Covid can’t stop the music!

The JamNation Band performing “UNIVERSE” Live at StockholmsGroove

The Journey pt.1 has begun!

Our EP is OUT! Let’s do this!

April 10th 2020/ 4.10.20 we released our first EP to the WORLD!
We are HAPPY to have this come out finally. This is only the beginning.
We are so glad to be able to get our original music out there to public ears.

In the middle of COVID-19, we did not feel the need to wait or stop. In fact, we felt that music was needed even more now than ever before.

Excerpt from our song, “HAPPY 2.0”
Excerpt from our song, “Universe”.

We are not slowing down. Even in this new world of Social Distancing, we are still recording more songs but we are being careful.
If this is your first time, here, please check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.
So please take your moment and check us out on your favourite Music platform!

Google Play Music, Itunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio and so many more!
We are ALL OVER!

Thank you, Thank you THANK YOU for your patience and encouragement.
Enjoy our songs! More to come!

spring is coming!

March arrived. The daylight lasts a little longer. Yaay! It can only get better from here, right?

We played our first gig at Temple Bar on February 13th. We had a BALL. Our Guests and Fam were chillin’ and groovin’. We were so happy to get back on stage and play for everyone. The Open Jam was explosive. Great musicians coming up to play and people dancing and enjoying the vibe.

On Feb. 27th we were a little worried.
With the outbreak of COVID-19/ The Corona Virus a month before and the spread happening so rapidly, we were all taking precautions.
We performed and by the end of the night all was super wonderful. Folks and Fam came out to listen, chill, dance and have fun. Check out video on our FaceBook page and Instagram!

Things were still a bit unstable at the beginning of March.
Nevertheless we and others had a great time performing for Stockholms Groove Scene at Cafe String. The event was also a Surprise Birthday party for the Founder Eric Haney. He was quite surprised with the whole event and we all had a great time.

StockholmsGroove Scene

After that, Sweden acknowledged that we were entering a Pandemic.
COVID-19 had impacted the World. You all know the details. This lead to Temple Bar and most all music venues postponing all Music gigs until further notice.


Needless to say we were devastated but better safe than sorry. We decided to continue our musical development by meeting for rehearsals and spending more time creating with each other.
So far our next recording sessions are nearly on the calendar and we are in the process of getting ourselves on several music platforms. We are extra happy about that. However, due to the on-going restrictions because of the Virus, we won’t be able to meet as we once thought.

Although it is a disappointment to not see and hang with our JamnationFam and Friends and to not be able to perform at any venues at this time, we want everyone to take responsibility for their health and exercise social distancing, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay home if you’re feeling unwell, and don’t go out unnecessarily. We know it’s a crazy time but we all need to practice a little patience and kindness and we’ll get through this.

While we wait, we create..


I can honestly say that 2019 was a year of learning, New lessons, and
many adjustments mentally and musically..

We’ve made such great moves in 2019. Besides the BIG MOVE to our own Rehearsal Studio and extra gigs at Temple Bar, we began a Supreme Saturday gig night. Just us, no Open Jam.
The first time we did it, we were prepared but still a bit nervous. We had the musical material but now we are dealing with a different energy and clientele on a Saturday night. We are happy to say that all went well. We continued Supreme Saturdays once a month and will continue it into 2020.

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Recording, gigs and Picnics oh my!

Wow! It has been a minute! We have been setting up so many things these last couple of months! It’s been pretty intense for us!

First, we prepared for recording! YES! FINALLY after A LOT of contemplation and rehearsal, we set our sites to record several of our original music. We knew it was time. Our Fans had been asking for years when we were going to put our music on Spotify and the like.

Well, we began with the Music video, “HAPPY” but we knew once that went out, we needed to get ourselves in 3rd gear and get to recording. We began the end of May and of course, June came and with June comes SUMMER TIME, so things were put on the shelf but now things are rolling again and Production is in Progress thanks to Sound Engineer Mattias Nielsen of JAM.

In June, we were invited to the U.S. Embassy in Sweden for their Independence Day party held in the garden at the House of the Ambassador. They also celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing.
Germaine sang the American National Anthem. We met Pam Tremont who is the Charge d’affaires ad interim at the U.S. Embassy since April 2019. We have performed for the Embassy before and it is always nice to just be a guest and mingle.

June ended with a double GIG Saturday Supreme! We performed in Lidingö at Fågelöudde badplats for the American Club of Sweden Independence Day Annual Picnic event.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon. Then that evening, we performed at Temple Bar for a Supreme Saturday evening filled with music.

So Much More to come! Stick Around!

we got noticed!

Check out our NEWS page for our posting on National Geographic Traveler Germany and New York Magazine in 2018!

While on a band break at Temple Bar, a Journalist approached and asked about the band, complimenting our performance and style. He asked if he could do an article on us, and if we would perform again before the night ended. “Of course we will”, I said with confidence. We rallied together, and did just that as the Photographer with him took photos. It wasn’t until later when he posted a film clip of that night with a great caption that we discovered The JamNation Band/ The JNB and Temple Bar, made the German Sept 2018 edition of The National Geographic Travel Traveler Magazine as the band to see every other Thursday, and Temple Bar as the place.
Thank you Burkhard n Dagmar!??
Germany #Berlin #NationalGeographic #Travel #VisitSweden #VisitStockholm #GamlaStan #LiveMusic #UK #ConcertAtSea #TheTempleBar #Jam #TheJamnationband #Tour #Bløf

So honored The JamNation Band/ The JNB andTemple Bar are part of a feature in Lola Akinmade Åkerström latest piece for New York Magazine! – 

We Jam as one!

It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a concept The Jamnation Band has taken to heart throughout their career as professionals in the music industry. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks their creative development.